In today’s The Daily Telegraph there is an article referencing Paul Weller, the former front man of The Jam.


In the article it alleges Paul Weller viciously glassed the face of Jim Caldwell, the team manager of the Australian Rugby League team.


Paul Weller is a British icon, affectionately known as the Modfather as The Jam were at the forefront of the mod-revival movement of the late 1970’s.


In 1979 Paul Weller visited the Lonsdale store in Beak St, Soho and from this point until their split in 1982, the band were inextricably linked to Lonsdale.


It is true The Jam and the Kangaroo tour crossed paths one night in Leeds.


“We were standing up to get some drinks,” says The Jam bassist Bruce Foxton, “and some words were exchanged. The next minute Paul was in a bit of a ruck and I tried to help him out. He just finished up being like a rugby ball. They went berserk. They went mad. It was really frightening. They were after our blood, literally, and we had to leave about three in the morning and check into another hotel. It f****d the rest of the tour because I had badly bruised ribs.”


The fracas ensured that Paul Weller had to make an appearance at Leeds Crown Court where he was greeted on the steps by a message some fans had scrawled: ‘Paul Weller Is Innocent!’


He was and discharged straight away.